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Engineering Units Converter

4.5 ( 3935 ratings )
Développeur Thermoflow, Inc.
1.99 USD

Intended primarily for mechanical engineers, this mobile adaptation of Thermoflows highly proven QT Pro software is an invaluable reference tool. Converts units of 39 different physical quantities including: acceleration, angle, angular velocity, area, density, diffusivity, energy, energy per unit mass, energy per unit volume, enthalpy, entropy, force, heat flux, heat transfer coefficient, heat transfer rate, length, mass, mass flow rate, mass flux, mass moment of inertia, mass per unit area, mass per unit length, power, pressure, radiation constant, solid angle, specific heat, specific volume, surface tension, temperature, temperature difference, thermal conductivity, torque, velocity, dynamic viscosity, kinematic viscosity, volume, volume flow rate, and weight density.